Blue Sunny

f NL15-1557842

Winning Bid: 350,00

最高出价: a.bleeker

种植者: Boogaard – van Buren

NL15-1557842 “Blue Sunny” is a full sister of the topclass marathon racinghen “Sunny” NL12-1450902.

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NL15-1557842 “Blue Sunny” is a full sister of the amazing “Sunny” NL12-1450902.

“Sunny” wins from an extremely hard Marseille International in 2014:

1.Provincial Noord-Holland

1.Interprovincial Fondunie2000 (dpt’s 6,7,8,9,10,11) 1.315 pigeons

2.National hens 1.215 pigeons

2.International hens 2.801 pigeons

7. National ZLU 4.899 pigeons

9.International 12.054 pigeons

“Sunny” was the only pigeon arriving home above 1.000km’s that day. It was a very hard race that day, hardly any pigeon made it!!



Sire: “Blue Sensei” NL09-1008688

“Blue Sensei” is a son of the famous “Katsu” paired with “Kaisa”.

“Katsu” is the 1st International Acepigeon Barcelona 2008-2009 and wins:

5.National Barcelona 8.042 pigeons

10.International Barcelona 27.669 pigeons in 2009

13.National Barcelona 7.041 pigeons

34.International Barcelona 23.695 pigeons in 2008

“Kaisa”‘s father is a brother of “Katsu”‘s grandfather. She wins a.o.

61.National Sint Vincent 5.201 pigeons in 2008

544.National Marseille 4.539 pigeons in 2008

218.National Barcelona 8.042 pigeons in 2009



Dam: “Mother Sunny” NL10-1145035

“Mother Sunny” is bred from a son of “Super van Geel”, the famous breeder of the Gebr. Limburg – Zuidveen, paired to a daughter of another famous breedingpigeon “Gertjan” from Koop Kiekebelt.

“Mother Sunny” is one of the best proven breeding hens from Piet Boogaard and Marco van Buren, a.o. is she the mother of “Sunny” and “Shine” who wins 205.National Barcelona against 5.181 pigeons in 2015, another extremely hard race with 30-35C all along the race.