Combinatie Beckers – Lelystad

Chris Beckers is the son of Will Beckers from the combination Beckers-Willems (Sittard), the winners of the 1st National Perpignan 2019! This winner is bred by Chris and comes out of the breedingloft of Combinatie Beckers directly. Will Beckers, the father of Chris is one of the champions in Limburg and has won super results on Barcelona & Perpignan many times! For example: the fastest series 3 on Barcelona National 2011 and winners of the very prestigieus “Cup van Vlaanderen” on Barcelona International in 2011! And this season, Beckers-Willems win the first National Perpignan, as well as the fastest series 2 and 3 nomitated at this very hard international extreme long distance flight.

A great reference of the strength of the Beckers’ pigeons is that the winner of 2, 10 & 13 National Barcelona in 2013, Rudolf Grun Wincheringen, did that with 3 Beckers-Willems pigeons! That old strain of Beckers pigeons is still to be found at the breedingloft of Chris in Lelystad.

As a little boy Chris spent more time in the pigeonlofts of his dad Will, than that he was to be found at school. At his dad’s loft in Sittard he learned how to play with pigeons and at the lofts of his father he got affected with the love for these great birds!

Since Chris and his wife moved to Lelystad he was amongst the better fanciers in the region and won many early prices and champions titles on the NPO marathon flights with afternoon releases. Since a few years after his move into a new house together with wife Nancy and the children, Chris’ ambition is to realize a breakthrough on the National ZLU flights. For that purpose Chris invested heavily in the best ZLU pigeons available. Chris bought many very exclusive pigeons from Jelle Jellema and Hugo Batenburg in particular to strenghten his loft with the best of the best from both champs!

Chris Beckers has direct children from Kleine Jade, The Special One, Zoon Miss Gijsje 430, Olympic Miss Gijsje, New Laureaat, Orion, Romee & Zwart Goud.

There’s two things for sure: Chris will succeed in his ambition and Chris offers super quality in this auction. Without any doubt this auction is one with A VERY HIGH STANDARD… We handled the pigeons during the Pigeoncom photoday and they are sublime!


Chris offers everyone the chance to check & handle the pigeons in his auction on request. Please contact Chris Beckers if you wish. His contact information is to be found at his Facebook page.



Note: Sex of the birds is believed to be correct by Chris Beckers , but is not 100% guaranteed.




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