Comb. van Leeuwen & Zn – Reeuwijk


Evert van Leeuwen from the Combinatie van Leeuwen & Zn living in Reeuwijk with his wife and son, is one of the very few how can succesfully compete with the champs Verkerk and de Bruijn living in the same village. All three of them race in the same club and the two famous grandmasters have to admit that Evert is a very talented and very succesfull fancier who beats them more than once!

Before Evert and his family moved to Reeuwijk, he was already very succesful in his former department 7, living in Utrecht in the centre of the Netherlands. One of his nicest results from that period was winning 2 NPO, 4 NPO, 28 NPO from Bergerac against 1.617 in the dpt 7 NPO, also having the fastest 3 in the whole region!

In Reeuwijk he soon continued at the same level as before and was amongst the champions soon. Not only in the club and region, but also in the whole province Zuid-Holland and in the various (inter-)national competions susch as PiPa rankings, Gouden Duif, TBOTB.


Highlights in Reeuwijk:

1 Peronne 12.754 pigeons (1st overall dpt 5 Zuid-Holland against 40.213 pigeons)

1, 10 Blois 6.333 region oost dpt 5 Zuid-Holland

6, 7 Duffel 9.487 region blauw dpt 5 Zuid-Holland

6 Peronne 7.238 region blauw dpt 5 Zuid-Holland

3 Peronne 3.976 and the 5 fastest pigeons from 24.353 dpt 5 Zuid-Holland


Topresults National Sector 2 in 2018:

17, 57 National S2 Fontenay sur Eure 17.397 pigeons

16 National S2 Chateauroux 12.511 pigeons

77 National S2 Sezanne 19.701 pigeons

23, 51, 69, 121, 136, 139 National S2 Chateauroux 7.511 pigeons


In 2018 Comb. van Leeuwen & Zn won:

6th Long Distance July – Gouden Duif

2nd SUPERSTAR NETHERLANDS Long Distance – Gouden Duif


M’Bappe was the very best pigeon at the loft in 2018. M’bappe wins a.o.:

27 Acepigeon National Long Distance PiPa ranking

49 Acepigeon National Yearlings PiPa ranking

53 Acepigeon National Middle Distance PiPa ranking

17 Acepigeon National Middle Distance TBOTB

6 Region (Gouwe & IJssel) Peronne 7.238

12 NPO Chateauroux 3.769

12 NPO Chateauroux 8.444

30 NPO Sezanne 13.628

49 NPO Chateauroux 4.934

52 Region Pt St Maxcence 21.069

55 NPO Fontenay 13.018


The allroundloft (MD and LD) of Comb. van Leeuwen & Zn is based on Dirck van Dijck & Hennie la Grouw and is one of the best in Zuid-Holland!




Note: Sex of the birds from 2018 believed to be correct by Evert van Leeuwen , but not 100% guaranteed.





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